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    Mole Fraction and Conversions

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    What is the mole fraction of ethanol (C2H5OH) in a solution made by mixing a 20.0g sample of ethanol with 80.0g of water?

    What is the mole fraction of methanol (CH3OH) in a 92.5m aqueous solution?

    Please show all work and explain each step... It has been a while since I have taken chem and this is not my best subject. Thanks!

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    Definition of mole fraction=(moles of solute)/(total moles in solution).

    Mole fraction of ethanol in water solution:

    First, you need to figure out the moles of solute (ethanol) you have in 20.0g and moles of water in 80.0g. To determine the moles you have in given grams of something, the general formula is: grams/(molecular weight in g/mol). Molecular weight can be determined by adding the atomic masses of ...

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