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Water processing problem

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Write the reaction between ferric chloride and lime slurry that results in precipitation of Fe(OH)3. For a dosage of 40 mg/l FeCl3: What is the required stoichiometric addition of lime expressed as CaO? How many pounds of Fe(OH)3 are produced per million gallons of water treated?

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First need to realize that this is a slurry of CaO therefore it is in water.

Second have to balance mass and charge in the reactants and products.

I obtain

2FeCl3 + 3CaO + 3 H20 = 2 Fe(OH)3 + 3 CaCl2

The stoichiometric addition is 3 moles lime for 2 moles Ferric Chloride. Where a mole is Avogadro's number.

Here is ...

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