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Volume of Air Necessary for Conversion of CO2 to H20

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Assume that a pile of waste contains 340.0 mg/L of biodegradable CH2O and is processed through a 200000.0 L/day sewage treatment plant which converts 40% of the waste to CO2 and H2O. Calculate the volume of air (at 25 degrees, 1 atm) required for this conversion. Assume that the O2 is transferred to the water with 20% efficiency.

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The solution provides clear steps to completing the problem of finding the volume of air necessary to convert some waste CO2 to water.

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Now then, the steps to a response would be:

a) What mass of CH2O is consumed in a day? Multiply the concentration by the processing rate...
b) How many moles of CH2O is this?
Remember that amount (no ...

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