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    Concentrations of Components in an Equilibrium

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    The following equilibrium process at 686 deg. C.
    CO2(g) + H2(g) f/r CO(g) + H20 (g)
    The equilibrium concentration of the reacting species are [CO]=0.050 M, [H2]=0.045 M, [CO2]=0.086 M, and [H2O]=0.040 M.

    I calculate Kc for the reaction at 686 deg. C. = 0.52

    If CO2 is added to increase concentration ot 0.55 mol/L, what will the concentrations of all the gases be when equilibrium is re-established?


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    Because stress is added to the left hand side of the equilibrium, equilibrium shifts left to relief the stress according to the le Chatelier Principle:

    | CO2(g) + H2(g) <--> CO(g) + H20 (g)
    Initial ...

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    The solution uses and explains le Chatelier's Principle in order to do the necessary calculations to finding the concentrations of the reactants and products of the re-established equilibrium described in the question.