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    Balanced Equation for Sodium Bicarbonate and Sulfuric Acid

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    Sodium bicarbonate was added to an unlimited amount of sulfuric acid undergoing a reaction to produce sodium sulfate plus carbonic acid (which turned in to water vapor and carbon dioxide upon heating). Please provide a balanced equation for this reaction.

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    Information to start with:

    Carbonic acid is H2CO3
    Sulfuric acid is H2SO4
    Soduim ion has a valence +1
    Hydronium ion has a valence +1


    So sulfate ion has a net charge of -2

    Sodium sulfate then looks like Na2SO4 and sodium carbonate must also then be ...

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    The solution talks the reader through each choice and step in balancing the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and sulfuric acid leading to the production of sulfate and carbonic acid. It includes general tips and a helpful link as well.