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Mass of NaN3 required to inflate air bags

Air bags are activated when a severe impact causes a steel ball to compress a spring & electrically ignite a detonator cap. This causes sodium azide(NaN3) to decompose explosively:
2NaN3(s) = 2Na(s) + 3N2(g)
What mass of NaN3(s) must be reacted to inflate an airbag to 70.0 L. at STP?

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Molecular weight of NaN3 = 23 + 3*14 = 65 grams per mole
<br>1 mole of nitrogen at STP has volume 22.4 liters.
<br>Therefore, 3 moles of nitrogen at ...

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The airbag's inflation system reacts sodium azide (NaN3) with potassium nitrate (KNO3) to produce nitrogen gas. Hot blasts of the nitrogen inflate the airbag, which acts like a cushion between the driver and the impacting solid. This problem talks about the volume of Nitrogen that would be generated when a given quantity of azide dissociates.