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    Physics momentum problems: Velocity, speed, Newtons, weight, force, direction, time

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    8) If an ostrich with a mass of 184.9 kg and is running northward with a velocity of 20.4 m/s, then with what velocity must a chicken run with a mass of 46.2 kg to have the same momentum as the ostrich?

    9) Air bags are designed to protect passengers during collisions by extending the time of impact. A force of 81.9 Newtons is required to stop a moving passenger in 1.1 seconds with an airbag. The amount of time required without an airbag is 20 times less. What would be the force of impact (in Newtons) without an airbag?

    10) A 2.19 kg object is thrown upward with an initial speed of 11.9 m/s. The ball is caught when it has a downward speed of 11.9 m/s. How long (in seconds) was the ball in the air? (Hint: use the weight of the ball as the force and use 9.8 m/s/s for acceleration due to gravity.)

    11) A 2.39-kg rubber ball moving with a speed of 5.36 m/s strikes a wall and rebounds with a speed of 2.3 m/s in the opposite direction. Determine the impulse (in Newton-second) encountered by the ball.

    12) A 80-kg football player moving with a speed of 6.68 m/s collides mid-air with another player and gets knocked backwards. If the player experiences a force of 8397 N over a time period of 0.910 s, then determine the final speed (in m/s) of the player. (No + or - signs.)

    13) A 80.4-kg football player moving with a speed of 4.72 m/s collides mid-air with another player. If the player experiences a force of 8397 N over a time period of 0.272 s, then determine the momentum change (in kg-m/s) of the player. (No + or - signs.)

    14) Lee Mealone, a hermit pushes a 16 kg boulder into the wall of his cave at a speed of 4.5 m/s, the boulder is brought to a stop in 2.3 seconds. What was the magnitude of the impulse (in N-s) imparted to the boulder? (No + or - signs.)

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