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Interpreting Chemical Measurements

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A wastewater sample was collected from the influent of a primary sedimentation tank. The following results were obtained from tests conducted on 50 mL wastewater samples.

Determine total solids (TS), total suspended solids (TSS), and total dissolved solids (TDS).

Tare mass of evaporating dish = 62.003 g
Mass of evaporating dish and residue after evaporation of
raw (unfiltered) wastewater sample at 105oC = 62.039 g
Mass of evaporating dish and residue after evaporation of
filtered wastewater sample (filtrate) at 105oC = 62.019 g

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Interpreting chemical measurements for influent primary sedimentation tanks are examined. A detailed step-by-step solution is given including final answers.

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The mathematics in this problem involves simple subtraction. The key insight is in understanding how each measurement corresponds to the desired quantities.

The samples are all the same size. Assuming they are homogeneous, they contain the same amount of dissolved and suspended ...

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