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Forces in gases and in deep space

1.) How much force is required to inflate a high pressure bicycle tire to 95 pounds per square inch (655 kPa) with a hand pump that has a plunger with an area of 5.0 cm^2?
2.) An object exerts a force of 500. N and sits on an area of 4.5m X 1.5m. Calculate the amount of pressure exerted by the object in torr.
3.) During your travels through deep space you discover a new solar system. You land on the outermost planet and determine that the acceleration due to gravity is 2.7 m/s^2. If your mass back on Earth is 72 kg, what force would you exert on a scale in pounds while standing on the planet's surface?
4.) As you proceed on to the next planet, some of your unbreakable equipment breaks, including that top-of-the-line machine which determines acceleration due to gravity. Calculate the acceleration due to gravity if your 72 kg mass exerts a force of 18 pounds on the planet's surface.

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