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    Description of the surface, atmosphere & interior of Uranus

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    How would you describe the surface, atmosphere and interior of Uranus. Who discovered Uranus and what are some the NASA missions?

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    Knowledge about the internal structure of the planet Uranus has been gained from information gathered by a recent deep space probe flyby (Voyager 2) and inferred from the planet's radius, mass, period of rotation, the shape of its gravitational field and the spectral information gathered. More importantly hydrogen, helium, water, methane and ammonia have been found to be the main constituents of the planet and it is from study of these compounds and elements at high pressure that properties of the internal structure can be inferred. Its internal structure is similar to that of Neptune except for the fact that it is less active in terms of atmospheric dynamics and interior heat flow.

    It is thought that 20% of the total radius of the planet constitutes the rocky core; ...

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    A treatise description of the surface, atmosphere & interior of Uranus and describing some of the NASA missions that have been to explore this planet