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    Determining amount of chemical consumed

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    The combustion of butane in oxygen at 25 celsius to form water and carbon dioxide follows the chemical reaction:
    2 C4H10(gas) + 13 O2(gas) = 8 CO2 (gas)
    (the = is supposed to be a forward arrow)

    The reaction is carried out in an excess oxygen atmosphere, and 1585 kJ heat is released. Determine the amount of butane consumed.

    May use following info:
    deltaH C4H10= -124.73 kJ/mol
    deltaH H2O= -285.83 kJ/mol
    deltaH CO2= -393.5 kJ/mol
    deltaH O2= 0 kJ/mol

    I am only able to solve the first half of the problem, for deltaH of the whole reaction= -6006.3 kJ/mol, now what??Thanks..

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    Number of moles of CO2 formed = 1585/6006.3 = 0.2639 moles

    When 8 moles of CO2 are ...

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    The expert determines the amount of chemicals consumed. The excess oxygen atmosphere is analyzed.