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    Calculation of total hardness (TH), anion-cation balance

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    Calculation of total hardness (TH) and anion-cation balance given total anions.

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    To calculate charge balance, first you need to convert the concentrations to meq/L .
    meq/L is also equal to millimoles of charge per liter (mM+/L or mM-/L depending on valence).
    To do this, you need to know the molecular weight and charge of each ion, and whether it is positive or negative. Make a chart with five columns. In the first list each ion, in the second its valance, with + or -. In the next column list is molecular weight. In the fourth column list its concentration in mg/L. In the last column calculate its ...

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    This solution details the calculation of total hardness (TH) and anion-cation balance.