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Balancing Equations and Limiting Reagents

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Using the initial concentration and volumes, how does one calculate the limiting reagent in each reaction below?
{Please provide step by step solutions)

[0.1M]Pb(NO3)2 + [0.1M] Na2CrO4 --> ?
initial volumes: 0.5 ml & 1 ml consecutively.

[0.1M]Pb(NO3)2 + [0.3M] Na3PO4 --> ?
initial volumes: 1.5 ml & 0.25 ml consecutively.

[0.1M] Co(NO3)2 + [0.3M] Na3PO4 --> ?
initial volumes: 0.5 ml & 1 ml consecutively.

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Step-by-step solutions for calculating limiting reagent given initial concentration and volumes are given. Additional resources are also provided.