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    Anaerobic Respiration with Ethanol

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    If the Density of Ethanol is 0.789 g/ml, Starting with 1.00 Kg of glucose, what is the maximum amount of ethanol in grams and liters that can be obtained by the process of the following reaction
    C6H12O6 (I)__----> 2 C2H5OH (I) + 2 CO2 (g)

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    Molar mass of glucose = 180 gmol-1
    so, moles of glucose = 1000g/180 gmol-1 = 5.56 moles

    Now, ...

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    This solution determines what the maximum amount of ethanol that can be obtained by the process of anaerobic respiration by finding out the molar mass of glucose, ethanol and volume of ethanol. All steps are shown.