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Predict structure of A, B, C and D from data

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Find the unknown compounds. No explanations required.
Please see attachment! Thank you.

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To predict the structure of A, B, C and D, from the given chemical as well as spectroscopic data

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Find the optimum settings for each of the four factors.
Calculate the optimum average score.

The team is now convinced that there are four main factors that impact student scores on the MEAP tests and the other remaining factors are just noise. They now want to conduct an experiment to calculate the impact of each of the factors on student MEAP scores. They first must design the experiment, then conduct the experiment, then analyze the results. The team has determined that they can effectively conduct the experiment by using just two levels for each of the factors. They have also determined that the experiment will not be effective if there is confounding between main factors, or if there is confounding between main factors and two factor interactions. The board of education has asked that the team minimize the costs associated with the experiment by conducting the fewest number of trials necessary to meet their recommendations.

Attached is Designed Of Experiment, with the eight (8) numbers that is the experiment results. From those results need to determine the optimum average score.

1. Find the optimum settings for each of the four factors.

2. Calculate the optimum average score. [Note: the team believes there is no interaction between any of the factors so it is assuming that only the main factors have an affect on the test scores. While this stance may be somewhat risky in other experiments, the team is confident that its team of experts is correct in assuming no interaction between the main factors in this particular experiment.]

3.Assuming the district makes the changes to reach the optimum score, determine whether the district will maintain its national funding. [Note: you will need to reference the solution for the Z-score exercise.]

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