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Electronic Dot Diagram for Polyethylene Oxide

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Please help.

We are given the basic chemical formula for polyethylene oxide as [C4H10O3]n --- where n = 400.

However, for this exercise, we are asked to draw the electron dot diagram for the base structure --- C4H10O3

I know there is a lone oxygen in the middle of this structure and I'm particularly interested about the reactivity or lack thereof for this oxygen.....but I need the rest as well.

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Polyethylene oxide (PEO) has the same basic structure as polyethylene glycol (PEG) except that its degree of polymerization is higher than PEG.

Both are made from ethylene oxide which has the formula, C2H4O. It is a three atom ring system, a cyclic ether:

/ (for whatever reason, the other angled bond on the right side isn't showing up.)

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The solution gives the electronic dot diagram for Polyethylene Oxide.