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    Differentiation between cis and tran isomers in cyclohexane

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    A)Draw the most stable chair conformation of cis-1-cyclopropyl-2-methlcyclohexane. b) Draw the most stable conformation of trans-1-isobutyl-4-methylcyclohexane in both the chair conformation and the wedge structure

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    When is comes to cyclohexane the cis and trans conformations are not quite what they are for other linear chain molecules. When we say cis cyclohexane meaning both groups or attachments are "up" or down". Note that up or down are not equal to equatorial and axial. In that sense, what is meant is the following:

    For carbons one and 3 and 5 up would be in an axial position. And down would be an equatorial position. For carbons 2,4 and 6 up on the other hand is equatorial and down is ...

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    The expert differentiates between cis and trans isomers when it comes to cyclohexane. The most stable conformation of trans1-isobutyl-4-methylcyclohexane in the chain and wedge student is determined.