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Deriving Unknown Chemical Compound

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I'm having some problems identifying the unknown compound based upon the information given. I provided as much information as I could with a possible compound, but I don't think it is correct. Can you please help me?


An unknown compound containing C, H, and one kind of heteroatom only shows a molecular ion peak at m/z 184 and a peak of almost equal intensity at m/z 186 in the mass spectrum. The 1H and 13C NMR spectra of the compound are given on the following page. Propose a structure for the unknown compound and assign all peaks in the two NMR spectra.

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This solution provides a prediction on what the unknown chemical compound may be, due to the H-spectra and C-13 spectra information given.

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The molecular ion peaks at 184, which is the molecular weight of the compound. The m/z value of 186 is a parent peak.

C-13 spectra information
~18 ppm indicates alkane region (-CH3- groups).
~29 ppm also indicates alkane region (CH3 groups present).
~120 ppm indicates that the molecule could be aromatic with C=C bonds.
~130 ppm also indicates an ...

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