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    Stoichiometry/balancing redox reactions

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    I need help on how to balance redox reactions in a systematic way. I already have the answers, I need to know step-by-step how to get there...thanks!
    cCmplete and balance the following reaction:
    H2O2+Cl2O7 (right arrow) Clo2^- +O2
    (which occurs in basic solution)
    Also - how do you tell what was oxidized and what was reduced,for this equation?

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    Here is the system that I teach all my students...

    Split the reaction into half reactions, sometimes not easy....but if you can figure out which elements are changing oxidation states it may be easier.

    H2O2 --> O2

    Cl2O7 --> ClO2-

    First step is to balance everything except oxygen and hydrogen in both these half reactions..

    H2O2 --> O2 is fine

    Cl2O7 --> 2ClO2 (in order to ...

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    The solution includes step-by-step detailed explanations for balancing redox reactions. The concepts of oxidation and reduction are covered.