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    Double Classifying Reactions

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    I have to learn to classify each of the reactions represented by the following equations first as a redox or non-redox reaction. Then further classify each redox reaction as a decomposition, single-replacement, or combination reaction; and each non-redox reaction as a decomposition, double-replacement, or combination reaction:
    3NaOH(aq)+FeCl (aq) --->Fe(OH)3(s)+3NaCl(aq)

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    First of all, I believe that you have copied the equation incorrectly. You have:

    3 NaOH (aq)+ FeCl (aq) -----> Fe(OH)3 (s)+3 NaCl (aq)

    whereas, I believe the correct equation is:

    3 NaOH (aq) + FeCl3 (aq) -----> Fe(OH)3 (s) + 3 NaCl (aq)

    Look carefully to see the difference. It's ...

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    This solution contains step-by-step explanations in classifying reactions with either redox and non-redox and also decomposition, single-replacement or combination reaction.