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    Showing mathematical relations for coefficient of performance of refrigeratror

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    This page shows efficiency of a carnot engine.


    The refrigerator uses the same process only it run backwards. By using the same recipe as in the link above I want a mathematical derivation of the coefficient of performance of a refrigerator. A little additional information is in the attachment for my question. I am only interested in a mathematical explanation as that is what would work for me. Thank you! I also need the answer to be written in a computer document.

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    A reverse Carnot engine works as following:
    From point 1 to point 2 an isotherm expansion at temperature
    From point 2 to point 3 an adiabatic compression.
    From point 3 to point 4 an isotherm compression at temperature
    From point 4 to point 1 an adiabatic expansion back to the original cycle.

    Process 1 to 2: isotherm.
    Since the temperature ...

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    The solution shows the mathematical relations for coefficient of performance of a refrigerator.