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Regression and correction

You are investigating the relationship between training (x) and performance (y) for your company's employees. The variable y in the following table represents the average job performance rating verses the number of days of training per year for the employees.
Training Time(x) Performance(y)
2.49 147.1
2.57 130.1
3.41 129.9
1.25 113.5
1.62 137.5
3.83 162.31
1.64 207.5
6.41 177.9
8.34 210.3

a. Sketch the data.
b. Find the correlation coefficient r.
c. Does there appear to be a relationship? If so is the relationship strong? Is it positive or negative?
d. Determine the equation of the line of best fit.
e. Estimate the average performance for an employee with 5 days of training using the line of best fit.

Solution Summary

This solution conducts a regression analysis on the data showing the relationship between training and performance of employees in a company. A graph of the relationship is provided, as well as step-by-step calculations to determine the correlation coefficient, line of best fit and estimates for the average performance of an employee.