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gaussian equation for the concentration of SO2

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Explain qualitatively how the following would change the calculated surface concentration of SO2 assuming a gaussian plume from a smoke stack that follows the gaussian equation for the concentration of SO2

i) The wind speed decreased.
ii) The wind speed increased.
iii) A stable temperature profile became unstable.
iv) An unstable temperature profile became stable.
v) The SO2 was absorbed by the ground when the plume reached the surface.

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As the pollutants are emitted from a smoke stack, they mix with the air and are carried downwind, away from the stack. The concentration downwind determined by a number of factors, most of which are reflected in the Gaussian plume equation. Gaussian plumes are assumed to display normal distribution. From the center of maximum concentration the plume spreads from high concentration to low concentration in all directions. This can be represented in a variety of ways, depending on the particular situation. In general, the concentration of pollutant at any point (x,y,z) is calculated as:

<C>(x,y,z)= Q/(&#960;u&#963;y&#963;z) * exp [-1/2 ...

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The expert examines Gaussian equations for a concentration of SO2.

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