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Graphing SO2 Concentrations around a Power Plant

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1) A power plant burns 10^4 kg hr-1 of coal containing 2.5% sulfur. The effluent is released from a single stack of height 70 m. The plume rise is normally about 30 m. The wind on the day of interest, which is a sunny summer day, is blowing at 4 m s-1. There is no inversion layer.

a) Plot the ground-level SO2 (sulfur dioxide) concentration at the plume centerline over distances from 100 m to 10 km.

b) Plot the ground-level SO2 concentration versus crosswind distance at downwind distances of 200m and 1 km.

c) Plot the vertical centerline SO2 concentration profile from ground level to 500 m at distances of 200 m, 1 km, and 5 km.

Use Excel or your favorite spreadsheet program to generate the concentration profiles. You may either estimate the stability parameters using the attached plots or (better) use the attached parameterized forms. The power-law formulas can be used to calculate sigma y and sigma z using the ASME and Klug methods. Note that the calculation of sigma z using the Pasquill-Gifford method requires the three-parameter form.

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Graphs showing SO2 Concentrations around a Power Plant are drawn based on some fairly complex calculation methods.

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4) A power plant burns 10^4 kg hr-1 of coal that contains 2.5% sulfur. The stack is 50 m high, and the plume typically rises 30 m.

a) Calculate the ground-level concentration of sulfur dioxide (SO2) (in micrograms m-3) 800 m downwind from the source directly under the plume under the following conditions: Wind speed = 4 m s-1, moderately sunny day (moderately unstable conditions).

b) Repeat the above calculation for a stack height of 75 m and a wind speed of 6 m s-1.

Please see attachment for graph and tabular column.

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