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Calculating Rate and Activation Energy of Diffusion

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a) How do I calculate the time that will it take for 0.001 moles of CO2 to leak from a container at steady-state, assuming that the amount of CO in the surroundings is insignificant?

b) If the diffusivity is observed to double when the temperature is increased by 10 degrees C, how do I calculate the activation energy for diffusion? (eV)


- The pressure vessel with CO2 is at 10 atm pressure.
- A membrane composed of a poly(ether ketone) polymer with thickness 100 microns and net effective area of 100 cm2 covers a small perforated port in the container.
- The solubility of CO2 at 10 atm is 6.97 x 10-4 moles/cm3 at 35 degC.
- The diffusivity of CO2 in the polymer is known to be 2.29 x 10-8 cm2/s at this temperature.

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a) Rate of diffusion = Diffusivity x Area x concentration / thickness

R = 2.29 x 10^-8 cm^2 s^-1 x 100 cm^2 x 6.97 ...

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The solution calculates the rate and activation energy of diffusion.