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Calculating heat of the reaction from activation energy

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For the reaction CO+NO2--> CO2+NO
The activation energy for the forward reaction is 135kJ/mol of CO reacted from THIS information determine,

A) the heat of the reaction
B) what would happen to the reverse reaction

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<br>The activation energy is the minimum amount of energy that the reacting molecules must pocess before the reaction will proceed.
<br>Chemical reactions take place with changes in energy. This energy change is symbolised as DH, the HEAT OF REACTION. The energy change is often discerned by the senses as heat.
<br>DH is the DIFFERENCE between the energy of the products and the energy of the reactants.
<br>To calculate the heat of ...

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CO + NO2 ------>CO2 + NO

The activation energy for the forward reaction is 135 kj/mol of CO reacted.

A) Determine the heat of reaction.
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