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Glucose and Vanadium Pentoxide

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With how many grams of each reactant (glucose and vanadium pentoxide) did you start and with how many grams of each product were produced for the oxidation of glucose (C6H12O6) by vanadium pentoxide in an acidic solution. The products are CO2, V3+, and H2O. You place stoichiometric amounts of the reactants into an
evacuated 2.0000 L flask. The reaction takes place at 22 EC and the vapor pressure of water at this temperature is 19.827 mmHg. Assume that the volume of reactants or products is insignificant to the volume of the flask and that the reaction goes 100%. The total pressure in the flask at the end of the reaction is found to be 4.35892 atmand the gas constant, R, is 0.0820575 L@atm/K@mol.

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The solution determines how many grams of each reactant was started with to solve the question.

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The first step is to create a balanced chemical equation for the reaction.

That equation is 5C6H12O6 + 12VO5 --> 30H2O + 30CO2 +12V3+

From there, I realized that since the vapor pressure of the water is provided, you can calculate the pressure of the CO2. That can be calculated by ...

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