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How to identify oxidizing or reducing agents.

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6. In the following reaction, identify the oxidizing and reducing agents.
3Ca + VO3 --> 3CaO + V

a. Ca+2 is the reducing agent, VO3 is the oxidizing agent

b. Ca is the oxidizing agent, VO3 is the reducing agent

c. Ca is the reducing agent, V is the oxidizing agent

d. Ca is the reducing agent, O-2 is the oxidizing agent

e. Ca is the reducing agent, VO3 is the oxidizing agent

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Redox chemistry is one more step in the stiochiometry section of complexity. Balancing not only for mass, and composition, but also for electrons and charges. Follow the electrons.

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In this question one must first recognize it as a redox type question, the easiest way to go about this is to assign oxidation numbers to each of the individual elements. The rules for assigning oxidation number are simple, use what you know to assign what you do not know. When you have neutral complexes the sums of the oxidation states should equal 0, and the values for some elements are somewhat constant throughout (with exceptions, as always).

The general trend is about differing electronegativities, the higher the electronegativity value elements will have negative ...

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