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    Chemistry: Oxidation, Reduction Sample Equations

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    14. Tell which substance is reduced and which is oxidized in the following equations. Label the oxidizing agent and reducing agent in each equation.
    a. 2Al(s)+3Cl_(2 ) (g) ï? 2AlCl_3(s)
    b. S(s)+O_2(g)ï? SO_2(g)
    c. CuO(s)+H_2(g)ï? Cu(s)+H_2O(g)
    d. C_2 H_4(g)+H_2(g)ï? C_2 H_6(g)

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    Oxidation is loss of electrons and reduction is gain of electrons. Metals tend to loose electrons.
    In equation a, Al is oxidized to Al^3+ ...

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    This solution explains which of the given substances are reduced and which are oxidized.