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    Chemical reaction calculations

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    1. Unbalanced equation SOCL2(1) + H2O(1) --- SO2(g) + HCl(g). How many molecules of H2O can 35.0 grams of thionyl chloride remove?

    2. An experiment that led to the formation of the new field of organic chemistry involved the synthesis of urea, CN2H40, by the controlled reaction of ammonia and carbon dioxide: gaseous ammonia + gaseous carbon dioxide ------- solid urea + liquid water. What is the maximum yield of urea in moles when 100 grams of ammonia and 100 grams of carbon dioxide are reacted?

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    1. First balance the equation:
    SOCl2(1) + H2O(1) = SO2(g) + 2HCl(g)
    Molecular weight of thionyl chloride = 119 (g/mol)
    Number of mole of thionyl chloride = 35/119 = 0.294 (mol)

    Number of mole of H2O ...

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