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16 Proton and Carbon NMRs Explained and Labelled

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Please see the diagrams below.

I have to identify the compound from the spectra and the steps to get the compound. IR spectral and NMR peaks have to be identified by reference to specific atoms in the final structure. I must also show the formula determination. I am stuck on the completion. On my first page for C5H10O2,(1st picture) I believe I have a hydrogen spectrum and 4 environments per hydrogen. For my second picture I believe I see a singlet peak and a doublet peak. For my third picture I believe I have air at my 80 mark on the Carbon 13NMR. But I'm not sure about the rest sort of confused. Please help!!
Yes I need to identify BOTH IR and spectral peaks and NMR peaks on all graphs along with the formula determination of the compounds on all graphs. I am expected to label each proton NMR peak and Carbon 13 NMR peaks.

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C5H10O---> C5H12 (if saturated)
Double bond equivalents (DBE) = 1 (the compound has 1 ring or double bond).
For proton
For carbon

When assigning peaks, realize that H and C that are closer to O (or any electronegative element) will appear further to the left (downfield) than alkane H and C.

Also make use of your correlation chart to help with your decisions. H-C-O are usually around 4 ppm.
In the C spectrum, C=O are usually around 180-200 ppm. The peak at 77 ppm is CDCl3 (the solvent).

Also, use multiplicities to check structures. If an H is next to "n" other hydrogens, it appears as n+1 peaks.
A is next to 2 H ---> 3 peaks...yes

B is next to 3H ---> 4 peaks...yes

C is next to 3H ---> 4 peaks...yes

D is next to 2 H ---> 3 ...

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16 Proton and Carbon NMRs Explained and Labelled. Products are shown as well as peak labels.