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Functional Groups and Household Products

I am to choose 2 functional groups and for each group find a household product that contains the group. I am to then explain the action of the product in terms of the intermolecular forces that these groups impart to the molecule.

The second part is: Think of your body as a large molecule. Your hands, feet, eyes, mouth, etc, are all functional groups. Discuss how a utensil, such as a fork,is designed to work with one or two 'functional' groups.

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Two common functional groups are the alkane and the alkene, that is a carbon-carbon single bond (C-C) or a carbon-carbon double bond (C=C). These functional groups can be found in your common household vegetable oil. I'm sure you've heard the term saturated vs non-saturated fat. Well the alkene functional group is what determines if a fat is saturated or not. Things like vegetable oil, butter, crisco, etc all contain these two functional ...

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This solution discusses functional groups and household products that contain these groups.