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    Lewis Structure: CN- Anion

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    (a) Draw the best Lewis dot structure for the anion CN- and indicate on the basis of formal charges whether you would expect the extra electron to be on carbon or nitrogen. Does this agree with the prediction based on electronegativity? Explain.

    (b) Given the atomic energy levels for the carbon and nitrogen atoms below, draw a molecular orbital diagram for CN- anion labeling all the bonding and antibonding molecular orbitals appropriately. Fill in the electrons in the appropriate orbitals.
    2p __ __ __
    2s __
    1s __


    __ __ __ 2p
    __ 2s
    __ 1s


    (c) Do you expect CN- anion to be affected by a magnetic field? Explain your reasoning.

    (d) What is the bond order of the anion CN- ?

    (e) What is the bond order of the neutral CN ?

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    a) formal charge of C: 4 - 5 = -1
    formal charge of N: 4 - 4 = 0
    if the electron is place on N, the formal charge of N will become -1. so ...

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