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    Migratory insertion and Monsanto process

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    1a) A migratory insertion is a type of reaction in organometallic chemistry wherein two ligands on a metal complex combine. CO inserts into a metal-alkyl bond via migratory insertion. The key concept is that both the CO and the alkyl groups are ligands on the same metal. For example, the reaction of 13CO with Mn(CO)5CH3 exclusively form Mn(CO)4(13CO)COCH3. The alkyl group migrates intramolecularly to an adjacent CO ligand within the coordination sphere of the Mn(I) centre. Subsequent to the migration, the metal binds free CO.

    Plotting the given data in excel (pasted below): (see attached)

    Hence the rate of reaction is linearly increasing with concentration of the incoming ligand at ...

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    Some basic concepts about the kinetics of migratory insertion and Monsanto process discussed with examples.