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    Coordniation Reaction and CO Stretching Frequency

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    1. An 18e- species reacts with methyl iodide in benzene to from a white precipitate that analyzes fir IrC25H23IOP, ie, contains all atoms from both..... see attached for question

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    2) The most important technique for characterizing metal carbonyls is infra-red spectroscopy. The C-O vibration, typically denoted νCO, occurs at 2143 cm−1 for CO gas. The energies of the νCO band for the metal carbonyls correlates with the strength of the carbon-oxygen bond, and inversely correlated with the strength of the π-backbonding between the metal and the carbon. The π basicity of the metal center depends on a lot of factors: in the isoelectronic series (Ti to Fe) the hexacarbonyls show decreasing π-backbonding as one increases (makes ...

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    A rational approach towards predicting coordination reaction compounds with the help of CO stretching frequency.