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    Stretching Vibration Calculations

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    I need some help with these acid and base chemistry questions.

    1. The Anti-symmetric -CH2-CO-O Stretching Vibration in carboxylic acid is heavily mixed with in plane bending mode of the OH group. In alcohol these two vibrations seldom show evidence of mechanical coupling. Explain.

    2. Conjugation of the functional group in alkyl socyanates has little impact on the anti-symmetric -N=O stretching vibration located near 2770/cm . Explain.

    3. The CH stretching mode of chloroform CHCL3) which occurs at 3022/cm is one of the rare exceptions to the 3000/cm rule. What is the rule? Suggest an explanation for this exception.

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    1. In carboxylic acids there are two functional groups, viz COOH , OH. Whereas in alcohols we have only one functional group i.e., OH. Therefore, in the former we have mechanical ...

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