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    Explosimeter - Hazardous Materials

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    a.You use a properly calibrated explosimeter to measure the flammable hazard inside a tank that contained toluene and may still have some residual product a. inside. Your readings show that the atmosphere inside the tank is twenty percent (20%) of the lower explosive limit (=LEL). Assume uniform mixing within the tank for the sake of this problem and assume the explosimeter is calibrated for toluene and that toluene is the only substance present. What is the concentration of toluene in the atmosphere inside the tank?

    b. What is the concentration of toluene in the tank, expressed in parts per million? _________ppm and is this greater than or less than the OSHA time weighted average (TWA) exposure limit ______ (for an 8-hour time weighted average is: _____ppm).

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    a. LEL for toluene = 1.27% (reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flammability_limit)

    Hence concentration of LEL = 20% of ...

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    Toluene concentration is estimated and checked for within permissible limit or not. References are provided.