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    Conversion Factors of Meters, Micrometers, and Kilometres

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    I am having a problem really understanding conversion factors between meters, centimetres, and kilometres. Where do I get the conversion factor? Can you give me a step-by-step on how to solve them?

    Please use conversion factors to convert 4.2 yards to meters, centimeters, micrometers and kilometers.

    Thank you.

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    When you are given a value, convert it to some standard units (to meters in this example). So, we will first convert 4.2 yards to meters. At the end of this response, you can see a small conversion chart. There is no easy way; you have to remember them all. From the chart, 1 yd is almost 1 meter. Thus 4.2 yds = 4.2 meters.

    Once we get it in ...

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    This solution discusses conversion factors, and how to derive them between meters, centimetres, and kilometres, with a set amount of yards given as a basis to start the conversion.