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Capacitance: What is the distance between the plates?

When a potential difference of 178 V is applied to the plates of a parallel-plate capacitor, the plates carry a surface charge density of 47nC/cm^2.

What is the distance between the plates? Answer in units of micrometers.

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The Capacitance(C) of a parallel plate capacitor is given by :

C = (e0 * A )/d .....(i) (This is in MKS or SI units)

e0=epsilon=permittivity of free space =8.854*10^-12 Farad/m.
A= Area of the plates (in m^2 i.e. square meters)
d= separation between the plates (in meters)

We also know that Capacitance is defined as :

C=Q/V ....(ii)
where :
C=capacitance(in Farad, F)
Q=charge developed ...

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