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    Circuits problem

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    In electronic circuits it is not unusual to encounter currents in the microamperage range. Assume a 20 micro amp current, due to the flow of electrons.

    a) What is the average number of electrons per second that flow past a fixed reference cross section that is perpendicular to the direction of flow.

    b) Compare the size of this number to the number of micrometers between Miami and Seattle. You may assume the distance is 3303 mi.

    Please show all work step by step and include drawings for visual reference.

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    I found this conversion between number of electrons and coulombs of charge: 6.238794524 X10^18 electrons/coulomb. I actually pulled this number from electrochemistry considerations using 96,493 Coulombs per Faraday and one Faraday is the activity of a mole of electron 6.02 x ...

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    This solution is provided in 196 words. It uses a conversion of electrons and coulombs of charge to find the number of electrons flowing past per second, and how this number relates to the distance between Miami and Seattle in micrometers.