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Concentration and Dilution

Calculate the concentration of all the following.

A solution of FeCl3 was prepared by dissolving 13.86 gm of FeCl3 in 2.5L of water. The following solutions were then prepared by dilution:
Solution A: 75.0 mL of the above solution was diluted to 100.0mL
Solution B: 100.0 mL of solution A was diluted to 2500 mL
Solution C: 5.0 mL of solution B was diluted to 1500mL

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Molecular weight of FeCl3 = 162.2 g/mole

Number of moles of FeCl3 = 13.86/162.2 = 0.0854 moles.

We are dissolving 0.0854 moles in 2.5L of water.

So the concentration of this solution is = 0.0854/2.5
= 0.0342 moles/L = 0.0342 M

0.0342 is the number of moles ...

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