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Density, Molar Mass and Stoichiometry

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1) Calculate the density of NO2 gas at 0.970 atm and 33C degree.

2) Calculate the molar mass of a gas if 2.50g occupies 0.885L at 685 torr and 33C degree.

3) Calcium hydride,CaH2 , reacts with water to form hydrogen gas:
This reaction is sometimes used to inflate life rafts, weather balloons, and the like, where a simple, compact means of generating H2 is desired.
How many grams of CaH2 are needed to generate 54.5L of H2 gas if the pressure of H2 is 813 torr at 21 C degree?

4) The metabolic oxidation of glucose,C6H12O6 , in our bodies produces CO2, which is expelled from our lungs as a gas:
Calculate the volume of dry CO2 produced at body temperature (37 C degree) and 0.980 atm when 24.0 g of glucose is consumed in this reaction.

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