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applications of gas law

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1. Gaseous CH4 reacts with O2 according to the following UNBALANCED equation:
CH4 + O2 -->  CO2 + H2O
What volume of oxygen at 20ºC and 97kPa is needed to react with 3.50 mol of CH4?

2. What volume of CO2 measured at 25ºC and 0.95atm is produced by the combustion of 12.0g of natural gas (C3H8) according to the following UNBALANCED equation?
C3H8 + O2 --> CO2 + H2O

3. Hydrogen sulfide combines with water according to the following UNBALANCED equation:
H2S + H2O --> H2 + SO2
Beginning with 20.0g of H2S and 10.0g of H2O, what volume of hydrogen gas will be produced at 300K and a pressure of 800torr?

4. A vessel with a volume of 10.0L contains 5.00g of chlorine gas (Cl2), 2.50g of fluorine gas (F2), and 60.0g of neon gas (Ne). At 20.0 Celsius, what is the pressure in the vessel?

5. Consider the reaction between 100.0mL of a liquid alcohol, C3H7OH (density = 0.881g/mL) and 35.0 L of oxygen gas, O2, AT 17 Celsius and at a pressure of 1.33 atm. The products of this reaction are carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and water vapor (H2O). Calculate the mass of water vapor formed.

6. It is found that 250mL of gas at STP has a mass of 1.00g. What is the molar mass?

7. Which conditions of Pressure, Temperature, and moles (n), respectively, are most ideal?
a) high P, high T, high n
b) low P, low T, low n
c) high P, low T, high n
d) low P, high T, high n
e) low P, high T, low n


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