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    Vapor pressure and temperature

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    The vapor pressure of water at 22 degrees C is 19.800 torr. If you put 26.662 g of water in a cubic container that is 1.1000 m on an edge, will there be any liquid water remaining in the container at 22 degrees C or will it all be vapor? R = 0.0820578 L*atm/K*mol.

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    Every substance in a liquid state is in dynamic equilibrium with its own vapor phase. At equilibrium the vapors have certain pressure. If you lower that pressure, more liquid is going to go to a gaseous state (vapour). On the other hand, if you increase the pressure, vapor is gong to condense back to liquid.

    You have been given the vapor pressure of water at 22 degrees. This is the equilibrium pressure. Since you know the volume of the ...

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    This solution explains the relationship between liquids and vapor phases, and how pressure affects this in 319 words. It calculates the process for finding the number of water molecules in the gaseous phase.