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Solubility, Molar conc., Molarity, Application of ideal gas equation.

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3. The solubility of laughing gas, dinitrogen monoxide, in water is 7.50 mg per cent by mass at 760 Torr and 25C. If the density of the resulting solution is 1.01 grams per milliliter, what is the morality of the resulting solution? What is the % of the volume?

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Solubility = 7.5mg/92.5g H2O
= 7.5 x 10-3g/ 92.5 x 10-3g H2O
1g of H2O = 1ml H2O
1000ml H2O contains 7.5 x 10-3 x 1000 g/l
92.5 x 10-3
= 81.08g/l = Mass concentration
Molarity = mass concentration
Molar mass
Molar mass of N2O = ...

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The solubility of molar concentration, molarity and applications of ideal gas equations.