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    Landfill Leachate- Groundwater- Proof read

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    I am just trying to summarize what Landfill Leachate does to groundwater, and am hoping you can read this over to see if it makes sense and flows. Also, am I missing anything extremely important?

    I appreciate your expertise in reading this over.. It is extremely important to me.

    The parts I am most concerned with are the highlighted areas. I am not sure if they make sense. I'd apprecitae if you could alter it to make sense.

    Plus can anyone think of a good title on a paper that discusses: "This paper will outline the importance of landfill leachate by defining what leachate is and its effects on groundwater and its concern on public health through an example of a leachate landfill (The New York City's Fresh Kill site) and Alberta's role in landfill control."

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    A good title could be: "Leachate: Human Health Concerns"

    I have edited the text below:
    There is a danger of contaminating groundwater resources especially in unlined landfills as the leachate (seepage from trash) could reach the water table. Contaminated groundwater raises seriuos health and environmental risks. As such, leachate control in landfills is an important aspect of municipal solid waste management. Leachate within the body of a landfill site is rarely static. Water enters the landfill principally as rainfall ...