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Word problem - work, power, energy

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Step 1: A 240 horsepower car beginning at a stop goes 1/10 of a mile. At optimum performance, what is the maximum speed in miles per hour the car can reach? Feet per minute?

Step 2: How many feet have been traveled in a 240 horsepower car when the speed reaches 35 MPH at optimum performance? what fraction of a mile is that distance? If any additional info is needed to answer problem let me know what it is so I can provide it.

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The car can do work at the rate of 240*746 Joules/sec. If it is doing work at this rate, the time taken by it to cover a distance of (1/10) mile can be found.
(1/10)miles = 0.1 * 1.6 km = 160meters....(1)

HP = 240*746 = 179040 J/s = 179040 Newton meter/sec ---(2)

Newton meter is the work done = Force*distance = m*a*160

(we have S = 0+1/2 a t^2 ==> a = 2s/t^2)

acceleration ...

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