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Vaporization and Pressure

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How many kilojoules of heat are required to raise the temperature of 0.750 L of ethanol (d=0.789 g/mL) from 0.0 to 25 degrees Celsius and then to vaporize 10% of the sample? The specific heat of ethanol is 2.46 J g (to the -1 power) and degrees Celsius ( to the -1 power).

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In order to figure out the heat required for the whole process, you have to recognize that there are two different operations going on. First we heat the ethanol, then we vaporize (boil) the ethanol.

To heat the ethanol we use a simple formula:
q = mcDT (D =delta)
- m = mass of ethanol
- c = specific heat of ethanol
- DH = ...

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