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    Refrigerators: Liquid Ammonia and Heat Energy

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    Liquid ammonia, NH3(l), was once used in home refrigerators as the heat transfer fluid. The specific heat of the liquid is 4.7 J/g.K and that of the vapor is 2.2 J/g.K. The enthalpy of vaporization is 23.33 kJ/mol at the boiling point. If you heat 12 kg of liquid ammonia from
    -50.0 °C to its boiling point of -33.3 °C, allow it to evaporate, and then continue warming to 0.0 °C, how much heat energy must you supply?

    Please provide detailed explanation.


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    We have three stages of heat application, they include the following:

    1) Heating the liquid (specific heat of 4.7 J/gK)
    2) Evaporation (23330 J/mol)
    3) Heating of the ...

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    Are you confused about how to calculate the heat required to raise temperature and then evaporate a liquid? In this solution, a full description of this process is given with calculations and all work is shown.