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    Benzene as an Organic Solvent

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    Benzene is a organic solvent with the formula, CB6BHB6B. It boils at 80.1 C and melts at 5.5 C. Benzene's density is 0.88 gm/ml, its heat of vaporization is 20.0 KJoules per mole, its heat of fusion is 10.0 KJoules per mole, its heat capacity is 0.50 KJoules per mole-degree C for liquid benzene, 0.25 KJoules per mole-degree C for solid benzene, and 0.125 KJoules per mole-degree C for gaseous benzene. Calculate the following:

    1. The energy required to heat 390 grams of benzene from 150 C to 450 C. 2. The energy to removed heat 3.9 milligrams of benzene from 15 C to 60 C. 3. The energy removed to cool 390 kilograms of benzene from -70 C to -90 C.

    4. The volume occupied by 1 micromole of liquid benzene and the volume occupied by 1 megamole of benzene as a vapor at STP (assume an ideal gas)

    5. The energy required to cool 7.8 grams of benzene from -150 C to 400 C.

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